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Would you prefer your water to be refreshing, chemical-free and highly affordable all at the same time? Well, Thank God you found us!

The mission of is to provide our customers with pure, safe, great-tasting water without the hassles and health hazards of tap and bottled water.

Read the details of our Purification Process and discover why it makes our drinking systems superior to water fountains, coolers and faucets. 

The Purification Process

Step 1  Sediment Filter removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue from your drinking water.

Step 2  Pre-Carbon Filter removes chlorine, and other chemicals from your drinking water

Step 3  Membrane Filter removes metals, solids and bacteria from your water.

Step 4  Post Carbon Filter removes dissolved gases and odors to ensure a natural tasting water.

Better Than Tap Water

NO water pollution     NO contamination

NO fluoride                 NO lead

NO cholorine               

NO illegal chemical concentrations

NO Safe Drinking Water Act violations

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     FREE Installation          

     FREE Activation    

     NO Service Charges or Fees

Simply complete the 10 second form below and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours of less to schedule your FREE delivery and service and to answer all of your questions.



How does it all work?











Pure and Refreshing Water Made Easy

from just $39.99 per month.***

Receive an unlimited supply of healthy, pure and refreshing water without the hassles and health hazards of tap and bottled water.

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Clean Water. No Hassles. No Bottles. 

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1 - Provide us with your name, email address and phone number and a representative will contact you within 24 hours or less to discuss your water needs.
2 - Your personal representative will schedule delivery of your water purification system for your FREE trial period based on your preferences.
3 -  At the end of your risk FREE trial, keep the machine and finalize all paperwork.
4 - Tell us you don't want it and we'll come and pick it up at no cost to you.

Here are a few of our state of the art water purification systems:


Every system we rent sends $100 to charity:water.**

What can you expect when you claim your FREE trial?




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How much will this cost after the FREE trial? It depends on how much water you drink.  We have systems starting at $40/mo which accomodate different water consumption levels.

Is the FREE trial really FREE or do I have to pay any hidden fees or taxes? The FREE trial is 100% FREE because we stand behind our systems.  If you don't want it after the trial period, we come pick it up and you don't pay a dime. It's as simple as that.  

Can we choose what system we want? Sure, we'll tell you about all the systems that meet your water needs and let you choose which one you want in your office.

Our 100% risk-FREE trial is an easy way for you to experience the joy of pure and healthy water without the hassles and health hazards of tap and bottled water.

Legal Stuff

*We donate $100 for every system we rent to charity:water.

**We set a goal to donate $20,000 each month.  We are not obligating ourselves, but would like to be able to give back. All donations are pending business revenue.

***We have a number of different water purification systems, the lowest priced systems we have start at $40 per month.

Better Than Bottled Water

NO shipping fees                NO disposal fees

NO contaminated water     NO health hazards

NO bottle changes required

NO heavy lifting (5 gallon jugs or water cases)

NO safety risks for employees

NO storage space sacrificed for bottle supply

NO empty water bottles everywhere

NO bacteria, mold, germs or other pathogens

NO threat to the environment

NO delivery charges because you NEVER run out of water

NO increase in price when you increase your water consumption 


Better For The Environment

GO GREEN and stop drinking bottled water!

  • Plastic water bottles and containers are made from petroleum products and often include hazardous chemicals
  • Over 80% of plastic water bottles used in the United States are NOT recycled. 
  • The world's ocean is quickly filling up with plastic bottles, destroying beaches and killing ocean life.

Better For The World

In an effort to expose as many people to pure drinking water as possible, donates $100 to charity:water non-profit projects every time a client requests one of our water purification systems.

This $100 donation will provide clean drinking water for 5 people throughout their entire lifetime. Take pride in knowning that every time you and your staff enjoy a refreshing glass of healthy office water, you've also made sure that others around the world now have access to healthy water as well.  

Help us raise $20,000 this month for those without water.***

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No Credit/Debit Information Required

No Credit/Debit Information Required

Click Here To Learn More About Where Your Tap and Bottled Water Come From and What Chemicals They Contain
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