Pure and Refreshing Water      Unlimited supply of purified hot and cold water.

Think you'll miss bottles? 

No Hassles
No storing bottles, water deliveries, or changing water bottles.

Free Service
Our team of certified technicians is there to resolve any potential problem you have within 48 hours.

Hassle Free Pure Water

Tap into an unlimited supply of healthy, pure and refresing water from HealthyOfficeWater.com  Your water will go through a multi-stage purification process to ensure you get clean and pure water at the touch of a button.

Once you enjoy unlimited pure water at the push of a button you'll be send the water bottle delivery guy home.

How does it all work?






Pure and Refreshing Water Made Easy

from just $40 per month.***

Tap into an unlimited supply of healthy, pure and refreshing water without the hassles of bottled water.

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Clean Water. No Hassles. No Bottles. 

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What more can you ask for?

free delivery 

free installation

free service

Claim Your Risk-FREE Trial Now

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1- Tell us about your water needs with a short one page form after you agree to accept a FREE trial.

2- Schedule delivery of your water purification system for your FREE trial period.

3-  Keep the machine and finalize all paperwork.


4- Tell us you don't want it and we'll come and pick it up at no cost to you.

a word about tap water...

  • no bottles to store, lift and change.
  • no limits to how much water you can drink
  • one set price each month regardless of consumption
  • plastic water bottles use oil and raise the price at the pump
  • substances like lead, chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs are often found in tap water.
  • the regulations on tap water are far behind the real industrial chemicals leaking into your tap water.
  • according to a recent study more than 20% of  water treatment systems have violated the Safe Drinking Water act.

Here are a few of our state of the art water purification systems.

Every system we rent sends $100 to charity:water*

Help us raise $20,000 this month for those without water.**

What can you expect when you claim your free trial?







Claim Your Risk-FREE Trial Now

How much will this cost after the free trial? It depends on how much water you drink.  We have systems starting at $40/mo which accomodate different water consumption levels.

Is the free trial really free or do I have to pay any hidden fees or taxes? The free trial is 100% free because we stand behind our systems.  If you don't want it after the trial period, we come pick it up and you don't pay a dime. It's as simple as that.  

Can we choose what system we want? Sure, we'll tell you about all the systems that meet your water needs and let you choose which one you want in your office.

With our 100% risk-free trial this is an easy way for you to experience the joy of pure and healthy water without the hassles of bottled water.

Legal Stuff

*We donate $100 for every system we rent to charity:water.

**We set a goal to donate $20,000 each month.  We are not obligating ourselves but would like to be able to give back and all donations are pending business revenue.

***We have a number of different water purification systems, the lowest priced systems we have start at $40 per month.